How to Moisturize Your Hair

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Are your strands retaining moisture or do you often find your hair dry and brittle? Let's talk about how to keep moisture coming in and staying in using LOC, LCO, or LO method. First, it's important that you know your hair porosity and the thickness of your hair strands.

Your hair porosity is going to tell you how well your hair can absorb and latch onto water molecules. You can test your hair porosity at home to determine whether it is low, medium, or high. To do this you will only need a strand of hair and a bowl of warm water.

High porosity hair has a ton of moisture coming in and out. This means that your hair can become moisturized. To best hold its moisture, its best to moisturize with a LOC method (Liquid-Oil-Cream). For best results, use a water based liquid, lightweight oil, and creamy hair butter to seal in moisture. Check out D'Braid liquid hair mist or pre-order our Styling Butter if you have high porosity hair.

Medium porosity hair is very well absorbed, as it is ok at allowing moisture in and out. Both the LCO (Liquid-Cream-Oil) and LO (Liquid-Oil) methods will work well. These methods will both work well because the hair is already good at holding moisture. We recommend a leave-in-conditioner based liquid. Check out Ride the Wave or pre-order our Styling Butter if you have medium porosity hair.

Low porosity hair has very little moisture coming in, so it is usually more dry than not. Liquid leave-in-conditioners are going to be ideal for the LOC or LO method if you have low porosity hair. Check out Peppermint & Honey or pre-order our Styling Butter if you have low porosity hair.

Pull one strand of hair. Is it fine, medium, or thick?

Fine hair may experience more shrinkage and knotting after protective styles. Use the LOC method to avoid breakage over time.

Medium strands are ideal because they are strong and good at holding in moisture. Use the LOC or LO depending on the porosity of your hair.

Thick strands can become more dry over time. Use the LCO method to ensure water retention. Plain water and a quality hair cream will transform these strands to much softer and shiner ones.

It is very important to understand how your hair needs moisture for a healthy scalp and hair growth. Remember to always moisturize with a water based product and seal with a lightweight oil. This will be very helpful in avoiding tangling and hair loss over time.

Check out these tables below to determine what method works for you.

Strand density

hair porosity


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